Vape Advocacy

Vape Advocacy

CASAA stands for Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives. It’s a non-profit organization which is staffed by volunteers. It has a large “grassroots” membership which currently exceeds two hundred thousand USA citizens. This organization was created in order to assist consumers, by performing advocate work which ensures the availability of safer alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

Being a member of this non-profit organization is all about believing in the power and potential of reduced-harm smoking alternatives. This organization provides factual information about the pros and cons of these types of smoking alternatives.

The CASAA is committed to education which gives consumers the ability to make wise and informed decisions.

The CASAA Website is Informative

Whether you want to get involved with this organization or utilize its resources in order to educate yourself about reduced-harm smoking alternatives, you’ll find that dropping by is the key to accessing information on how to join. You’ll also be able to enjoy many interesting articles.

The website is a great resource and it is refreshed with new and topical content on a regular basis. For example, in addition to articles, such as “How to Save Vaping”, the website features podcasts and newsletters. It’s also set up with a “donation” link which allows interested parties to contribute to the cause!

As well, the website contains handy links to social media pages which are official CASAA accounts. There are many ways to stay in the loop and the official CASAA social media pages are good examples.

Why Join the CASAA

Many people believe that certain companies, such as Big Tobacco firms, have a vested interest in keeping vaping out of the mainstream. If you believe the same, you probably already know that work is needed in order to educate consumers about the best reduced-harm smoking alternatives. After all, …

Vape Safety

Vape Safety

Vape safety is important. There are couple of thing that you can do in order to ensure that you stay safe as you enjoy vaping sessions. Today, we’re going to share detailed information about both of these important tips!

Don’t Overdo It With Vaping

Moderate usage is the safest strategy. As you may already know, the jury is still out in terms of any long-term risks that are associated with using vaporizers, which are also known as e-cigs or mods. If you want to stay safe, we recommend moderate sessions, rather than “chain-vaping”. Studies have shown that excessive usage of PG-based e-liquids may not be as safe as moderate usage.

The e-liquid that you choose may also play a role in how safe you are. Some people are switching to one hundred percent VG formulas because they want the security that comes with using VG (vegetable glycerin). VG is a natural product which is made from vegetable oil. While it doesn’t tend to give users the same throat hit as PG/VG blends and one hundred percent PG formulas, it’s still a good choice in terms of producing lots of water vapor.

VG may be safer. This isn’t certain, but it’s possible. Overdoing it with PG e-liquids may expose you to a chemical which isn’t good for your body.

Plain and simple… Know what’s in your vaping liquid. You can find more facts about vaping and e-liquid here.

Choose the Right Vape Battery Charger

You need to have the right battery charger for your particular brand of vape battery. When you choose the right charger, you’ll know that your battery isn’t being overcharged. It’s possible to damage a battery with the wrong battery charger. So, be sure to shop for a charger which is made specifically to charge your …

What Are Vape Box Mods

What Are Vape Box Mods

Vape box mods are vaporizers which are larger than typical, tube-shaped e-cigs! They have a box-like shape and plenty of impressive and practical features. When you choose a high-quality vape box mod, you should access superb performance. For example, you may anticipate superb battery life, voltage which is variable, wattage which is variable, next-level customization and great temperature control!

As you can see, the best vape box mods offer lots of benefits and very few disadvantages! They key “con” of vape box mods is that they aren’t usually too discreet. They are bulkier and more noticeable than typical e-cigs. However, their larger size means that they are feature-packed.

For discerning vaping fans, these box-shaped vaporizers offer plenty of bang for the buck, even if they aren’t subtle in terms of design.

How to Shop for Box Mods

Your goal should be to find a vape box mod which provides exceptional customization features and a lot of power. Box mods are bigger in order to provide more power than pen-shaped e-cigs. The key to finding the right design for your needs is comparison-shopping online. It’s important to consider vape box mod features, as well as price, manufacturer reputation and customer reviews. As well, look at accessories for vaporizers that interest you. See if the manufacturers offer all of the accessories that you might wish to buy in the future.

Once you find a model which is highly-rated, loaded with just the right features and created by a respected manufacturer, we recommend pricing the vape box mod across a host of online retailers. Just put the make and model number into Google and go from there. After you do so, you should access links to lots of online suppliers that sell that model.

As long as the cheapest price for your preferred …