Vape Advocacy

CASAA stands for Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives. It’s a non-profit organization which is staffed by volunteers. It has a large “grassroots” membership which currently exceeds two hundred thousand USA citizens. This organization was created in order to assist consumers, by performing advocate work which ensures the availability of safer alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

Being a member of this non-profit organization is all about believing in the power and potential of reduced-harm smoking alternatives. This organization provides factual information about the pros and cons of these types of smoking alternatives.

The CASAA is committed to education which gives consumers the ability to make wise and informed decisions.

The CASAA Website is Informative

Whether you want to get involved with this organization or utilize its resources in order to educate yourself about reduced-harm smoking alternatives, you’ll find that dropping by is the key to accessing information on how to join. You’ll also be able to enjoy many interesting articles.

The website is a great resource and it is refreshed with new and topical content on a regular basis. For example, in addition to articles, such as “How to Save Vaping”, the website features podcasts and newsletters. It’s also set up with a “donation” link which allows interested parties to contribute to the cause!

As well, the website contains handy links to social media pages which are official CASAA accounts. There are many ways to stay in the loop and the official CASAA social media pages are good examples.

Why Join the CASAA

Many people believe that certain companies, such as Big Tobacco firms, have a vested interest in keeping vaping out of the mainstream. If you believe the same, you probably already know that work is needed in order to educate consumers about the best reduced-harm smoking alternatives. After all, big companies which oppose vaping, along with their lobby groups, have lots of money, power and sway.

When you join the CASAA today, you’ll be able to help the organization achieve its goals. This non-profit has a strong and positive reputation. It needs donations in order to run the website, social media pages and educational initiatives. Also, although it’s a non-profit, the organization does need to pay taxes. The donations of generous members and other interested and supportive parties help the CASAA to survive and thrive.

Now that you know more about this pro-vaping non-profit organization, why not sign up as a new CASAA member today? This organization gets great things done and you can help!